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Air Conditioning Services

When you’re looking for a reliable air conditioning service company in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC look no further than AdvantAir Inc.! We’ve got service professionals who are both experienced and who hold an emphasis on attention to detail no matter if the task is big or small! When you’re experiencing problems and have questions on what should be done, give us a call at
864-804-6400 and we’ll be happy to figure out the possible areas of concern so we can start your HVAC services! You can count on honesty and integrity with our trained technicians, we look forward to your call!

Our Services

Replacements & Installations

If you’d like to have your AC unit reach its full life expectancy potential of 15-20 years before committing to a full system replacement, consider air conditioner parts replacement as an alternative for minor localized fixes! When your AC is experiencing freezes, on and off cycles and other odd behaviors the issues are often limited to a part or two. In order to save on costs and to save the entire system from being affected talk to our service professionals in order to see what solution is right for your systems! If, however, your air conditioner is reaching the end of its natural life span than it may be best to consider air conditioner replacement and installation! Newer models feature upgraded control capabilities as well as improvements in energy efficiency so you can cut down on energy consumption and monthly utility bills! With a new AC installation or replacement, you’ll be able to have smoother performances and not have to worry about any repairs being made for years to come with improved materials that hold durability.

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Faster & Purer Air

High velocity mini duct systems are a great option to consider when you want ductwork that will allow for faster air pressures and even air distribution throughout your rooms! They can be built without disturbing the construction of your home and are smaller than regular ducts which can draw away from the room.

Indoor air quality is a concern that has been put to the forefront of health concerns for the past few decades with improvements and strides taken to rid the air of any allergens, viruses, dust and other particles which can negatively affect the occupants in a building. Get the convenience of a streamlined air purification system with whole house air purification! You’ll be able to clean purer and fresher air in each room of your property without having to worry about inhaling any dust or allergens!

Emergency Repairs

Emergency air conditioner repair is a necessary service to have as malfunctions can happen at the most inopportune times! Whether you’re experiencing a refrigerant leak, a broken down system or any other concern we’ve got representatives available 24/7 in order to address your issue! No matter if you have questions as to preliminary steps or need assistance with safety measures we’ll be here for a helping hand and guide you through the steps before a repairman is able to take over!

Benefit from an air conditioning service company in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC that emphasized honesty and integrity! Call 864-804-6400 with AdvantAir Inc. for quality HVAC services!