Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

AC unit at the back of a house with yellow siding and green grass.

Upgrade Your AC System

The average lifespan of an AC unit ranges between 15-20 years. A new air conditioner installation in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC can greatly benefit your home or business based on the longevity of a newer and now naturally more energy efficient systems! That’s due to the fact that there have been many strides that have been taken in improving the quality of ductwork and other components of an HVAC system over the past few decades! If you’re AC is nearing the end of its natural lifespan than the improvements that come with a new installation with AdvantAir Inc. will last for years to come! If you’re wondering on what type of system would best benefit the specification of your property than give us a call at 864-804-6400! We look forward to your call!

Signs of Your AC Acting Up

If you have an AC that isn’t blowing as much air as it used to or is having trouble blowing out cold air than it could be aging or having issues with clogs. A clog in your ducts could be caused by unchanged filters or other blocks which could restrict the airflow. Another sign that there is an issue is with the build-up of moisture inside your unit. With this, you may see the growth of mold or be experiencing leaks that can negatively affect your lines. With leaks, there can also be a possibility that your refrigerant is causing problems which can cause your system to underperform and even cause health risks for the occupants of your home or business with exposure. You can usually be able to tell if there are odd leaks or bacterial growth with bad odors which might mean you will need to have your AC cleaned. However, if there is a smokey smell than this can allude to more serious issues. Another sign often typically mistaken as a sign of aging is hearing strange sounds. If you hear squeaking, grinding or chattering at a level that is above the normal barely detectable indication of a working unit then there may be something wrong with your unit. Finally, a large indication that something is stretching away from the norm is higher than normal energy bills. When there are problems with your AC unit present chances are that it will be working harder than it usually will in order to deliver cool air into your property. With an air conditioner replacement, you’ll be able to benefit from the upgraded performances and advancements that come with improved and updated systems.

Replacing an older unit on the right with a newer unit on the left.

Benefits of a New AC System

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Heightened Air Quality
  • Enhanced Durability
  • More High Tech Features
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Comfort

With a newer AC system, you can expect improvements in accessibility and control with newer thermostats that will allow you to schedule hours, days and temperatures according to your preferences. Some units come with incremental options on how powerful you want your air blowing out. There can even be a compressor sound insulator with some units so you won’t hear noise being emitted from your unit around the property. Newer units also come with energy ratings like SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) which will tell you background information on how your particular unit will be benefiting you over other options in the market. Be sure to check the yellow EnergyGuide label often placed on newer units which will let you know how much money you are saving yearly as well as how much you use is projected to cost annually. Newer options will also have improvements that can protect the unit from corrosion and weathering. Consider the different types of material that parts of your unit can be made up of as some options, like your outdoor coils being made from aluminum, can provide enhancements in levels of performance. There are many improvements and options available for your new air conditioner installation, so we encourage you to ask questions and take a look at the wide range of improvements provided in the market today!

Get pure and fresh air with a new air conditioner installation and replacement in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC! Our service professionals are ready to discuss options with you at 864-804-6400 so you can make the most beneficial decision with AdvantAir Inc.!