Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Outside AC unit is being sprayed down with a hose.

24/7 Emergency Contact

If your HVAC is acting up and you need help as soon as possible for emergency air conditioner repair in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC than rely on the professionals here at AdvantAir Inc.! We have service representatives that are available 24/7 so you can have someone scheduled out to your property in no time to conduct the relevant repairs! No matter the issue, we make a point to carry out repairs with diligence, honesty and attention to detail. Whether the problem is small or big we tackle the problem with the same energy and goal to offer quality service! Give us a call at 864-804-6400 at any time and we’ll get your system working again!

Types of AC Emergencies

When you’re hearing strange sounds emitting from your AC there could be a potential for danger. Take for example a screeching noise, this could either signify a simple fix like adjusting a loose fan belt to a more advanced issue like the compressor functioning at high-pressure levels. It may be best in these types of situation to turn off the system if noises seem too aggressive and wait for emergency air conditioner repair before reconvening. Another instance that may call for repair as soon as possible is when there is no airflow being transferred around the property. This could occur when the AC unit won’t start off when initially turned on or it’s been turned on but there is no air being blown out from the ducts. In this type of situation, it may be best to call a professional for help in diagnosing the issue as there could be numerous reasons as to why the unit isn’t flowing as it should. A worst-case scenario could even signify system failure! As for the case of unusual smells, like the scent of burning, this typically points to electrical complications that could be damaged and in some cases could be burning actual components of the unit. With this scenario, it’s best to turn off the power and contact a professional for emergency air conditioner repair in order to ensure the health and safety of those around the property. Another instance that requires immediate intervention would be a gas leak. If you smell the odorants, which have been added into gas lines in order to detect leaks, of eggs or something rotting than it’s time to clear the area! Be sure to be a safe distance away from the leak before calling 911 as any use of an electronic device can set off a spark when gas is heavy in the air!

There can be a variety of reasons as to how or why your HVAC is acting up, and we’re here to help! If you’re experiencing electrical or even gas related issues than it would be best to halt actions and get an experienced technician over to handle the case so your health and safety aren’t put at risk! You’ll be comforted to know that we have the experience to conduct the proper protocols and steps for a variety of repairs so your HVAC system can be fixed without the need for additional repairs! With AdvantAir Inc. you can rely on quality emergency air conditioner repairs and services so you can carry on with your life!

You’re not alone in your HVAC problems! If you’re experiencing strange system behaviors it’s best to contact a professional technician for emergency air conditioner repair in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC! Call 864-804-6400 with AdvantAir Inc. at any time and we’ll schedule someone out to your property!