Whole House Air Purification

Technician bent over to look within outside AC unit.

Get Pure Air In Every Room

When you want to incorporate a streamlined and convenient method of air purification for your home or business consider whole house air purification in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC with AdvantAir Inc.! We have trained and experienced service professionals who are ready to assist you, call 864-804-6400 so you can be informed about what works with the specifications of your home so you can get the best whole house air purification possible! Improve the health of the occupants of your property with the benefits of purer air! If you’re interested in whole house air purifiers, they are usually measured by certain standards in order to calculate their effectiveness. One such standard is CADR, aka clean air delivery rate, which measures delivery of contaminant-free air in cubic feet per minute. Another standard is MERV, aka minimum efficiency reporting value, which rates a filter’s efficiency in removing small particles that pass through it.

Indoor air quality and how it affects the health of those inside has been a concern that has been remedied through improvements with HVAC systems. Those who have asthma and allergies can often have aggravated symptoms from air contaminants and those who don’t have these health concerns can actually develop health problems from exposure to impure air over time. In order to reduce allergens, pollen, pet dander, toxins, smoke, dust, and other particulates it’s often best to rely on installations that can remove as low as .003 microns of particles from the surrounding air. There are also options that offer ozone-free technology so you won’t be negatively polluting the environment surrounding your property. With whole house air purification, you’ll have the benefit of low maintenance as well as eliminating noises associated with units that incorporate fans. With whole house air purification, you’ll only need to change your filters every 3-5 years! If you’d like to know what type of system would work best for your home or business we’re ready to help!

Add the convenience of streamlined fresh air with whole house air purification in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC! Call 864-804-6400 with AdvantAir Inc. for more information!