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What is the average cost for air conditioner repair services near Spartanburg, SC?

The average cost for air conditioner repair services near Spartanburg, SC is between $170 - $975. The cost could be much lower or higher, depending on what needs to be repaired. For instance, larger repairs, such as air compressor or evaporator coil replacements, can range from $650 - $2,300

  • Average HVAC Repair Cost: $530
  • Typical HVAC Repair Range: $170 - $975

Is your AC in need of a repair? At Advant Air, we provide repair services to all makes and models of air conditioning units. We also provide emergency services at any hour of the day. To learn more or for a more accurate quote on repair services, contact us today!

What is included in air conditioner maintenance service near Spartanburg, SC?

An air conditioner maintenance service in the Spartanburg, SC area should include the following:

  • Visual inspection to check for any dirt or debris.
  • A check of the fan for any damage.
  • Air filter replacement.
  • Ductwork inspection to check for any leaks or clogs.
  • Condensate drain examination to check for obstructions.
  • Inspection of electrical connections.
  • Cleansing of evaporator coils.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Thermostat test.
  • Lubrication of parts to reduce friction.

Advant Air provides annual AC maintenance services to residents in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas. Our licensed HVAC technicians will ensure your unit is running smoothly and efficiently all summer long. To get on our schedule contact us today!

How often should I have my air conditioner serviced near Spartanburg, SC?

Experts recommend having your air conditioner serviced once a year near Spartanburg, SC. Studies have shown that annual AC maintenance:

  • Extends the life of your unit.
  • Wards off large repairs later on.
  • Lowers your energy bills by increasing the unit’s efficiency.

For more information on maintenance services contact Advant Air. We are Spartanburg’s number one choice for air conditioner repair, maintenance and installation services. Our licensed HVAC technicians will help keep you cool all summer long. Contact us today to get on our schedule!

You Probably Need AC Service at the Worst Possible Time.

So your air conditioning system isn’t working, or just not controlling your comfort the way it should. You need an air conditioning company in Spartanburg that you can trust! You want a company that will come out when they say they will, do what they say they will, and respect you and your home. Call the team at AdvantAir for service that meets these needs at 864-804-6400!

Air Conditioning Repair Services in the Spartanburg area with you in mind!

We aren’t your typical HVAC contractor. You need to know what is happening with your system NOW, and we can deliver. We also have plenty of ways to ensure you don’t have to go through something like an unfortunate breakdown at a horrible time ever again!

Benefits of our Technology:

  • Wireless probing technology – You lose refrigerant every time manual gauges are hooked up – We can do it non-invasively.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring series on most systems.
  • We will know about issues before they become problems – and maybe even before you feel them!
  • Our online reports detail system usage, efficiencies and overall performance.
  • Preemptive troubleshooting.
  • Faster scheduling – Because you’re scheduling before a catastrophic event, you’ll cut in line of those waiting for their AC to just break.
  • Peace of mind – Take vacations or business trips, or manage your tenant’s locations, with the peace of mind that you won’t receive angry phone calls.

The old “good enough” just isn’t good enough any more.

Through advanced technology, we can see potential issues before they become real problems. Don’t wait--give us an opportunity to prove our results! Call AdvantAir at 864-804-6400 today for service in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas!

In our connected world, virtually everything is instantly available--except information on the #1 appliance in your home, your air conditioner. Until now. Call AdvantAir in the Spartanburg area for expert air conditioning repair! 864-804-6400