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If you need to replace your heat pump, call AdvantAir today. Our professional technicians are fully capable, and readily-available to work on your heat pump system repairs and installations in the Spartanburg area. We supply only the best units from the best brands for our heat pump installations, however, our most prominent brand is Comfortmaker. Find out the benefits of heat pump installation from AdvantAir. 

So, if you need to replace your home’s heat pump with a more energy-efficient heat pump, call AdvantAir today!

Spartanburg Heat Pump System Repair & Installation

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Heat Pump and Sizing

An important thing to consider when purchasing a new heat pump is the sizing of the heat pump in regards to how large the space it will be servicing is. If you have a heat pump that is over sized for a home, it will start doing what is called short-cycling, which is simply where the unit has short run times and short off times, which in turn is detrimental to the heat pump as a whole!

On the contrary, an undersized heat pump will not be able to cool the area it’s intended to cool effectively, leading to high power consumption. So start at the beginning with AdvantAir, and have one of our HVAC contractors in the Spartanburg area help guide you through the heat pump installation process!

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Your Heat Pump

The unit you will be choosing needs to be chosen based on a number of different factors. Not only do these factors include the size of the home it will be servicing, but also whether you will be supplementing another heating system such as a furnace as well. If you have a home with no duct work, and would like to avoid the cost of installing ductwork, consider an air source heat pump mini split. Everyone needs help going in the right direction, so call the leading Spartanburg HVAC contractors at AdvantAir today to get started on your new system!

Spartanburg Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Pros

If you have already decided on a new unit, or need assistance in choosing one, call AdvantAir. You will receive the best service at the best price, and we will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire decision-making process.

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How much does it cost to replace a heat pump?

Replacing a heat pump can cost anywhere between $4,000-$8,000, but there are many factors that can influence the cost including the type of heat pump you want installed, the brand, and the size of your home. On average, most people will pay around $5,000 for installation. 

At AdvantAir, we take pride in our work and always deliver the best service at a price you’ll love. Call us to see how we can help you get started on your heat pump replacement today!

What are the advantages of a heat pump for my Spartanburg home?

There are a lot of advantages to owning a heat pump over traditional AC and furnace systems. Along with being able to both heat and cool a home, some other benefits include:

  • More energy efficient.
  • Lower running cost.
  • Long life-span.
  • Safer than combustion-based heating systems.

AdvantAir can help you make the switch to better heating and cooling. Call us today for information on the heat pump services we offer!

Can a heat pump heat a whole house?

One heat pump is capable of heating most homes, but you will need to have a professional consultation to see if a heat pump would be the right fit for your home. Some things that need to be taken into consideration when buying a new heat pump include the square footage of your home, and the number of floors.

Our expert staff can take a look to see if a heat pump would be the right fit for your home and we offer professional installation services for them. No matter what service you need, you can count on AdvantAir to exceed your expectations. Call us for more information on our heat pump services today!