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Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

AdvantAir offers comprehensive heat pump repair and maintenance services at affordable prices throughout the Spartanburg area. Have you had your system checked within the past year? If you haven’t, or if you can’t remember, it’s time to call AdvantAir and ask about our maintenance plan. A maintenance plan will help our technicians spot small problems that could turn into huge investments, so call us today!

Maintenance Benefits

Heat pumps are unlike traditional heating systems that use combustion to create heating or cooling energy. Heat pumps utilize a process known as heat transfer, which takes ambient heat from the air, ground or water beneath your property and transfers it inside to heat your home. The process is also used inversely to cool your home, transmitting heat outside and bringing in colder air. Heat pumps are a clean, and Eco-friendly way to heat and cool your home. Without proper heat pump maintenance, you will not get the recommended life from your heat pump, nor will you be getting efficient energy usage from it as well. Call AdvantAir’s HVAC technicians in Spartanburg today to have your heat pump maintained and serviced!

Heat Pump System Specialists

Call AdvantAir to keep your heat pump operating at its peak levels. When you call us to your home, we make necessary adjustments to your heat pump to ensure it is operating at its peak efficiency, and a maintenance visit also gives our HVAC technicians in Spartanburg a chance to spot minor repairs that could turn into big pocket-busters. Whether it is completely broken or needs a simple tune-up, AdvantAir is who you should call. If you can’t remember when your unit was last serviced, it’s time to call us.

Heat Pump Professionals in Spartanburg County SC

There comes a time in every unit’s life that it will eventually fail, and will require a repair. With regular maintenance you can be sure that these infrequent repairs are kept manageable, small and affordable. Call AdvantAir’s HVAC technicians in the Spartanburg area today if you suspect you need a maintenance visit or a heat pump repair. Early detection is your best line of defence against having to spend hundreds of dollars for your comfort. Our HVAC technicians service Spartanburg, Greenville, Boiling Springs, Inman, Lyman, Reidville, Roebuck, Pacolet, Duncan, Greer and Taylors.