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When you need assistance with heater services you’ll need to reach out to a well reputed heating company in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC! We offer a variety of heating services so you can stay warm without worries of malfunctioning units on your property! When you’re in need for a properly functioning system than expect our professionals to assist you! We have a variety of tools in our belts in order to address the wide range of issues that could happen for your particular HVAC system! Give us a call at 864-804-6400 so we can discuss what type of issue you may be having and schedule out a service professional to your property to tackle the problem in an efficient and diligent manner!

Our Services

With electric heat system repair, you can expect your electrical systems to be handled with care and precision so any wires and connections won’t cause any troubles for future use. The benefit of an electric furnace is in their longevity, they are able to last 10 years longer than gas furnaced and require fewer repairs. With regular maintance, you’ll be able to ensure the long life span. It’s important to know that the power runs through resistance heating from the coils inside the furnace cabinet. These coils heat up and in turn heat the air which is then blown through the ducts. As this is the main area where power is centered, it can place stress on the system and burn out if they aren’t regularly maintained or at least occasionally replaced or repaired.

Gas furnace repair and replacement are recommended to be conducted by a service professional in order to protect the health and safety of all occupants inside the property. With gas furnaces, it may be best to conduct minor maintenance improvements by oiling the bearings of the motor if they aren’t permanently sealed. The blower motor, in turn, would need to be removed in order to gain access to either end of the motor. It is at these two points that the oiling caps could be, if not then take a look at the bearing shaft. You’ll then simply remove the caps and add a few drops into the oil spout below the caps. Be sure not to over oil and once finished, be sure to replace the caps.

Heater parts replacement is a great alternative option for any unit that only needs partial repairs. Let your heater system age naturally with minor tweaks in improving certain components of your heating system. It’s important to conduct system maintenance at least yearly and conduct cleaning, tightening loosening parts and relubrication of certain parts in order to maintain proper system functionality. Ignoring your system altogether could cause problems that are not being paid attention to worsen and aggravate other areas of the system that was once in proper working condition.

When you’re looking for a reliable and honest heating company in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC Call 864-804-6400 with AdvantAir Inc.! We’ll be able to address all your concerns with honesty and integrity!