Electric Heating System Services

Technician is testing an outside unit with trees in background.

Streamline Your Electrical Energy Use

If you’re looking for an alternate way to heat your home or business then consider electric heating system installation. With AdvantAir Inc. you can expect efficient systems that will heat your home with ease! Say goodbye to troubles of heating air by incorporating a streamlined use of your electric energy! When you’re having trouble with your electric heating system consider electric heating system repair. With a professional technician, you’ll be able to have your system diagnosed and repaired with the relevant parts or replacement units so you can get heated air distributed throughout your home or business once more!

Electric furnaces essentially work with your existing electric lines to power heating coils within the unit which generates heat. With some systems, there’s a blower which will draw in air through a cabinet and into a cold-air air return which then pushes air through a heat exchanger where the coils are. Once the air has been heated the blower pushed newly warmed air into ducts which distribute them into the rooms. The use of an electrical system cost more BTU to BTU to natural gas lines with efficiencies that can’t rise above 100%. However, electric heating systems can be maintained not to use a higher amount of energy is the unit has been properly installed and use is monitored to work with electrical use. A benefit to an electric heating system is that electricity doesn’t produce exhaust gases or carbon monoxide which can be an issue for the occupants in the property if levels are high enough for poisoning to occur. Another benefit to electric heating systems is that they typically hold a higher lifespan than their alternatives with more than 20 years of life expectancy! With electric heating system repair and installations, you can expect readily available fuel sources without the wait! You can have them for years to come and with annual check-ups and seasonal maintenance, you can expect them to operate with higher efficiency no sweat! If you have any questions to see how an electric heating system repair and installation can benefit your home than give us a call!

Get higher AC system lifespans with electric heating system repair in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC with AdvantAir Inc.! Call 864-804-6400 for more information!