Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

Technician with outside unit testing.

Benefit From Natural Sources of Fuel

If you’re considering a gas furnace replacement than consider relying on the qualified professionals here with AdvantAir Inc.! Gas furnace installations are a great way to incorporate a higher energy efficient system into your home or business! With gas furnaces you can get warmer temperatures than other sources of air. You can get as much as 25 degrees hotter temperatures as the average temperatures produced are between 110-125 degrees! Gas furnaces are also known to hold higher AFUE ratings and cost much less than other types of furnaces as well! If you would like to know more about the benefits of a gas furnace we’re happy to talk with you!

Gas furnaces use natural gases or propane (liquified petroleum) that is supplied by local utility companies to a gas pipeline that is installed into your property. Although gas furnace installation may seem like a lot of work they actually cost less to operate than other systems like electrical furnace systems or heat pumps as gas has become cheaper in the past few years. How a gas furnace works is a pilot light ignites the fuel source which in turn ignites the burners inside the combustion chamber. The flames then heat the metal heat exchanger with exhaust leaving the flue. Heat is transfered into the air from the heat exchanger to the blower which forces the heated air into the ductwork network throughout the property. Once the warm air fills a room the colder are will travel to the return ducts to start the process all over again.

Some unique parts to a gas furnace are the burners, a set of tubes where gas is directed through and where the igniter, gas valve, and flame sensor all work together to control the flames. If your gas heater is having troubles, it’s usually through the gas valve that you can test to see if there are any malfunctions happening. However, anything to do with gas testing should be done by a professional to avoid any risks to safety that accompanies with gas use. One method to test that your gas valve is working correctly is to turn it off your gas valve or unit and observe if it’s able to shut down properly. Then you will set the controller or thermostat a few degrees higher than room temperature to see if the hot surface igniter is sparking up or glowing. If there isn’t a flame up then your unit is working fine, if there is then it’s time to call a professional! If you’re in need of gas furnace repair or have any questions about the workability of your unit let us know!

If you’re having doubts about your system or suspect a gas leak it’s important to vacate the area before engaging in any electronic device! If the gas leak levels are high enough in the air than anything can set off a spark, from turning on a light switch to shutting down a computer! That’s why it’s best to reach a safe distance in the fresh air before calling 911 to clear the area for safety. Once safety has been determined than give us a call for gas furnace repair or replacements and we’ll be able to get your systems back into safe operations and working order once more!

When you’re looking for an AC system with high energy efficiency consider gas furnace repair and replacement in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC! Call 864-804-6400 with AdvantAir Inc. and you’ll be able to discuss options with our friendly service professionals!