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Heating Service

Home Heating Services with AdvantAir

In Spartanburg, AdvantAir is the premier home heating and air conditioning company for professional heating installation, HVAC maintenance, furnace repair or replacement services. Our certified technicians have been providing dependable, reliable service for the upstate for years, and once you work with us, you will understand why. We are extremely proud of our business and our services, so if you need heater installation and repairs in the Spartanburg area, give us a call!

Heating System FAQs

What home heating system services does AdvantAir provide near Spartanburg SC?

AdvantAir provides the following home heating system services in Spartanburg, SC

  • Furnace and heat pump installation 
  • Furnace and heat pump repair 
  • Furnace and heat pump maintenance

At AdvantAir, we specialize in various home heating systems to fit your home’s needs. To learn more about our heat pump and furnace services in the Spartanburg area, give us a call today.

How often should a heating system be serviced near Spartanburg SC?

A home heating system should be serviced once a year in Spartanburg, SC. Having your heating system serviced right before the cooler months is the best way to get the most out of getting your heating system serviced. Regular maintenance allows for you to spot repairs before they lead to major repairs or system failures. Getting your heating system on a maintenance plan helps to ensure that your heating system is serviced regularly and runs more efficiently. To get your heating system serviced, contact us today

How much does it cost to have an HVAC serviced near Spartanburg SC?

It costs around $150-$350 per year to have an HVAC unit serviced in Spartanburg, SC. HVAC servicing typically includes: 

  • A cleaning of your furnace and AC unit 
  • An inspection and lubrication of your furnace and AC unit’s moving parts 
  • A replacement of your air filter 

Most maintenance plans will include discounts on repairs and service calls, making it very worthwhile to get your HVAC system on a maintenance plan. To find out more about getting your HVAC system serviced, call us today

Heating Installation and Replacement

A long-lasting heating unit begins with a professional installation, but keeping your performance dependable and consistent requires regular maintenance. Whether you have a heat pump, furnace or a ductless mini split you need to make sure it is installed correctly and maintained throughout its lifetime, so call AdvantAir for high quality heating and cooling installation or repair services in Spartanburg.

We service many makes and models, including Goodman, Trane, York, Carrier, Amana, Lennox and more.

The process for upgrading your current heating and heat pump system can be a little daunting, but do not worry, AdvantAir is here to guide you throughout the entire process. We will speak with you about what you would like, and then give opinions based on the data we can obtain from your home, such as the sizing of your unit. The correct sizing of your unit is very important in the lifetime of your unit.

An oversized unit will use way too much power and will short-cycle, and on the other hand, an undersized unit will work too hard to cool your home. A properly sized unit is like a shoe that fits well. If it fits well, and you take care of it, it will be with you for a long time. So if you’re interested in upgrading your unit to a more energy-saving model give us a call today.

Call AdvantAir for Professional Heating Service

AdvantAir is who you should call if you're in need of heater installation or repairs in the Spartanburg area. Our technicians are screened and trained properly to ensure that you will have only trustworthy, good people in your home. We are fully capable of taking care of any installation, maintenance or repair service you will need. Call us today! We service Spartanburg, Greenville, Boiling Springs, Inman, Lyman, Reidville, Roebuck, Pacolet, Duncan, Greer and Taylors.