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The past years have seen many improvements and technological upgrades to HVAC brands and units! Each brand has it’s own unique features and functions that can greatly benefit your home or business! Take a look at the many innovations in HVAC materials or technological improvements like easily programmable thermostats that can schedule cycles down to days and hours. With newer units you’ll see a drastic change in performance and lower frequency of upkeep. As with any unit be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines with maintenance requirements such as changing air filters and pressure adjustments. Ultimately no matter the unit you have, try to have at the very least annual inspections so you can catch minor repairs before they escalate to bigger problems. When you’re wanting repairs with your HVAC brands in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC can work with you! We are prepared to service your unit no matter the brand, if you’d prefer a new installation the brand that we currently offer is Coleman from Johnson Controls! If you have any questions rely on AdvantAir Inc. and call 864-804-6400!

Brands We Service

Determining Proper HVAC Brands Functions


HVAC brands come with many different materials that compose the overall structure of the unit. Some materials like metals hold many types of varieties that hold different abilities in durability versus options that come with protection against moisture or other outside influences. What’s more, certain HVAC brands have different tier options that are based on quality and offer different advantages depending on the scale. Most units even offer energy efficient ratings that describe the benefits of the unit in comparison to others. As with most appliances, the higher your budget the more variances you’ll notice with features.

Technician white white hardhat adjusting a energy efficient thermostat.

Energy Efficiency

HVAC brands typically come with energy efficient ratings which will determine the savings you’ll be making both on monthly bills and energy consumption! Typically an AFUE rating, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, is used to measure operations of a furnace while SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is used with ACs. For both ratings the higher number that you see the better although their rating systems differ. With AFUE you’ll see ideal high-efficiency operation levels of between 93%-98%. Systems that are older tend to run at 65% which ultimately points to a loss of 35% of fuel. As with SEER ratings, standard operational numbers for older units range from 8-10, for newer units you’ll see that a level can reach as high as 25. It’s better to have better energy efficiency as your units are essentially working more easily to produce temperatures which require less energy consumption. Usually, when your unit is working too hard it’s consuming more energy to get the same airflow output into your property.

Air flow

It’s essential to consider the air pressures and air flow capabilities of your HVAC system in order to allow for better air distribution. With high-efficiency systems, you can have the added convenience of variable speed motors where you can adjust preferences of levels. Essentially variable speed motors are able to increase the static pressure in your ducts which can allow for better airflow through each available register. Ultimately, with smoother air flow you can have more comfortable productivity of use as well as steady energy costs.


If you’re wondering about the average life expectancy of certain HVAC brands versus others it’s recommended to look into the standard Consumer Report. Here you’ll find this information as well as additional information regarding the unit. Typically the average lifespan of a unit that’s properly maintained and installed is 12-15 years if materials are durable as well other factors you can have an HVAC system go from 15-20 years. Depending on different factors you can experience different behaviors with your unit with varying levels of repairs.

With AdvantAir Inc. you can have your HVAC brands in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg, SC repaired and serviced! Give us a call at 864-804-6400 today to learn more!