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Indoor Air Quality Services

AdvantAir Indoor Air Quality Service

AdvantAir offers a large variety of products and services to help improve the quality of air within your home. If you have bad allergies, you should contact us for an in-home consultation. We have air scrubbers, which work to clean the air in your home, as well as dehumidifiers and UV germicidal lights.

AdvantAir Indoor Air Quality Products

There are a variety of devices to help your indoor air quality. Call us today for information, or use our contact form to schedule your in-home consultation. We are here to help you with any and all indoor air quality needs.

Common Reasons for Indoor Air Quality Problems

Indoor air quality problems exist for a variety of reasons, including:

5% – Bioaeresols – A bioaerosol (short for biological aerosol) is a suspension of airborne particles that contain living organisms or were released from living organisms.

15% – Inside Contamination – Inside contamination could be considered anything like cabinets, furniture, shelving, countertops, and even your carpet that not only contains dust and perhaps pet allergens, but certain items of this nature are made with a type of glue that contains formaldehyde.

10% – Outside Contamination – Outside contamination is any type of contaminant that makes its way into your home, such as pollen, dirt, and others.4% – Building Products – These have gotten better over time, with safety regulations and the EPA, but the most recent case of building products containing harmful components is in the case of those that cause mesothelioma. In addition to these fiber-based building components that can cause cancer, there are paints that contain harmful chemicals as well.

53% – Inadequate Ventilation – This is the most common reason for indoor air quality issues. Inadequate ventilation will not only allow biological components and harmful bacteria into your system but due to the ventilation being inadequate, it gives the bacteria a breeding ground.

13% – Unknown Causes

SOURCE: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Air Filters – Cleaners

Every HVAC unit needs to have a clean filter that will be changed every few months. These filters are literal barriers that trap small particles of dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergy irritants. The way they work is by being the very first thing air passes through in your return vent, but remember, a clogged filter is just as bad as no filter at all!

In addition to normal air filters, AdvantAir offers air scrubbers. Air scrubbers are the new, highly-efficient way of keeping your air clean. They are installed via a small hole in your ductwork, which is then sealed. The probes in your duct will use high-powered UV light to separate particles within the air molecules in your home, and uses oxygen as well as hydrogen to “scrub” the pollutants from your air. After a while of using one of these air scrubbers, your indoor air quality will skyrocket, and you will be healthier, and your home cleaner. The UV light will even kill small bacteria that is causing bad odors in your home and, with time, leave your home smelling fresh, and welcoming. Contact us today for your in-home consultation!

Proper indoor air quality assistance can solve many allergy problems.

Indoor Air Quality Experts at AdvantAir

At AdvantAir, we know we can help you with any indoor air quality problems you might have. We can perform an installation, maintenance and repair services for many indoor air quality units. Contact us and we will speak with you to find out what is best suited for your individual needs. We’re here to help! We service Spartanburg, Greenville, Boiling Springs, Inman, Lyman, Reidville, Roebuck, Pacolet, Duncan, Greer and Taylors.